• Maria Yarmysheva INSTAGRAM , the founder of "JUST CARE"

  • When developing products for JUST CARE, I wanted to create something more than just quality and functional body care. Today it is especially important for women to live feeling fulfilled and enjoy life as it is — here and now. So we created a story with meaning: about conscientiousness, emotions and sensations.

    Thus, the basis of each line of products is a carefully selected persistent niche perfume composition, which gives a unique sensuous experience to enjoy every moment of your life.





The yellow series is a basic series with a universal formula in terms of density, absorbency, saturation of the skin with oils and vitamins. The same goes for the fragrance used in its base - an optimal nighttime aroma that immerses you in a state of tranquillity. Ideal for casual meetings or for an evening after work.



Pink series combines anti-cellulite and anti-puffiness properties. Perfect after a workout, it energizes you before an active day. In the aroma of cloves, tobacco, spices, it is ideal for action and a burst of energy.



Blue series is foundational care, deep nourishment and moisturizing. A fragrance about the way you are. It will unlock and strengthen you. You can also switch to this series if the Yellow Series products are not enough for you.